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  1. The Daily Reporter from Dover, Ohio · Page 1
  2. Sagitta raises $15 million at post-money $30 million valuation
  3. V-ar putea interesa
  4. Airborne ForeFlight Scout, Airbus SAGITTA UAV, Privatization Fight | Aero-News Network

Giffen, Laver, and Graham are The Norths are fighting their way in the premiership matches most courageously, On Saturday they met the Souths in the fourth round, and had the pleasure of fielding all The French Chamber of Deputies has voted , francs for the relief of the sufferers by the Toulon disaster. The Prince of Wales is assisting a committee THE year to Australian racing men will, unless the horse should suffer mishap before December, and so be forgotten, be hereafter known as "Bobadil's Kyngdon, of Sydney, one of the oldest and most respected medical men in the city, is dead.

It is reported from the Soudan that the forces of the Khalifa have been diminished, owing to a quarrel with the Gonara branch of the Baggaras, the Patrick Carroll, who was present at the storming of the Eureka Stockade, and who afterwards conveyed Peter Lalor, the wounded leader, in a waggon to Geelong after the Owing to the action of the Russian Government enforcing the use of the Russian language in Finland, , Swedes have withdrawn their names The House of Commons has voted the sums proposed for the sufferers by the recent hurricane in the West Indies.

The island of Barbadoes will receive The coroner at Parkes has announced his finding in connection with the death of the man Heraghty as the result of the boiler explosion at the Pheonix mine. The finding The costume worn by one of the performers caught fire, and before the flames The company, which consists of over 70 performers, has played Broken Hill Proprietary shares are quoted in London now at 46s. The prices being realised at the wool sales, now proceeding, continue to equal the highest rates ruling at the last series.

Electric light cycling booming in Sydney. Waine is said to be greatly out of form just A fatal accident occurred in the Central Boulder mine on Saturday.

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John Dunleary and John Lister wore engaged trucking in the 50ft. Sir Wilfred Laurier, the Canadian Premier, has expressed his opinion that the result of the poll upon the liquor question taken in Canada at the end of last The Trana-African Railway proposed by Mr. Cecil Rhodes, with the ultimate object of connecting the Cape with Cairo, is commented upon by the Berlin THE view which the members for the district take of the movement for the erection of a new Technical College building at Broken Hill is precisely that which was presented in Jas Powell, an enginedriver, was killed while rabbiting at Pakenham yesterday.

His gun exploded as he was climbing over a fallen tree. I go one hour with mirror on top and then switch to tool on top.

The Daily Reporter from Dover, Ohio · Page 1

To make sure I didn't have a hopelessly messed up mirror, I stuck it on the tester see details below with a Ronchi grating to see what the shape was looking like. It turns out I have an oblate ellipsoid a squashed sphere with a decent, if slightly turned, edge and good smoothness -- which is not too bad. At this point, I have approximately 9 hours of polishing in and the surface is looking pretty smooth. Water is no longer liking to pool - it sheets off and the mirror squeaks when wiped.

It is still not passing the laser test, but progress is being made. Under a 10X magnifier, the laser still picks up pits -- the result of only grinding to 9 micron.

I hope to be able to pass the laser test in another hours of polishing. I will then go an additional couple of hours with a thicker CEO mixture to really smooth the surface. Ronchi inside ROC showing slightly oblate ellipsoidal shape. To be able to move beyond qualitative to quantitative testing, you need some sort of test rig.

The most common tool used for mirror testing is the Foucault Tester. These are pretty much a triviality to build and it is perversely satisfying to know that you are able to measure something to a thousandth of an inch using a bunch of plywood and bolts. I built my tester from plans available on the Stellafane site and it works pretty well.

Sagitta raises $15 million at post-money $30 million valuation

As I get to the figuring stage, it will become a critical component. For now it is being used as a Ronchi tester by replacing the knife edge with a line grating from Edmund. My Foucault Rig. Making the Mirror.

Grinding Station The first thing I did was to build a grinding station on my workbench. Grinding I purchased a grit kit from Newport and dug in. The Pitch Lap The tool used for polishing is made from either the grinding tool or cast from plaster or cut form wood. Freshly poured lap and mold The trimmed lap Cold Press. Polishing Once the pitch lap was ready, I assembled my polishing station. Shiny after 6 hours.

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The Tester To be able to move beyond qualitative to quantitative testing, you need some sort of test rig. My opinion is that the Government does not intend to destroy the mines, but is making a bluii. The danger will arise from the people. The average Boer believes that the destruction is warranted. Trouble is likely when the smash comes. The majority of the Boers are sick of the war, and want to quit. Their courage may revive. The people are alarmed at the presence of the British prisoners, and the Government is considering the advisability of sending them over border.

It is improbable that Pretoria will be defended. My opinion is that tie war will be practically ended in two months. The two bund rod Grenadier Guards who are to reinforce the 2rrd and 3rd Battalions in South Africa were on Tuesday night enter-, atined to a farewell dinner at Victoria Bar- racks, Windsor. Colonel Kinloeh and th J Mayor of St. Aubyn addressed the men, assur- j ing tlifem of their belief thax they could uphold the traditions and reputation of the Guards. On Wednesday morning, at 6.

Vivian, and B. Brooke, j marched to the railway station, the approaches to which were packed with cheering crowds. The officers present wiaheo. Reinforcing draf s of Scots Guards and Cold-1 stream Guards left Lohdon on Wednesday morning to join their respective regiments at; the front. Two hundred men of the Cold- i streams, accompanied by soldier comra-ies, relatives, and friends, marched from Chelsea Biirracks without music to Nine Elms Station, They were under the command of Major G. Tha men rapidly entrained, and had j a. They embark at. Southampton on Wednesday.

To one of J our representatives was allotted the painful task of visiting the bouse to inform the rcbr tives of the ead intelligence. The tt. Conducted into her presence, our representative asked the regimental number of Sergt. Headdou, and finding it to be , knew that any shado w of doubt remaining as to the identity of the deceased ma,a was dis- pelled.

Headdon was then told that a. Headdon had died of enteric fever, and advised her to be prepared for the worst.. She was naturally deeply agitated, but bore the news bravely. The poor fellow, although o-ily a step-son, had been nurtured by her from infancy. He was 24 years of age and unmarried.

Free State capitals up to date, revised ver- sion:—Bioem fo n tti n, Wye berg, Kroonstad, Heilbron, Lindley, Vrede till fvvrther notice. Of the sixty or seventy children lost in London on Saturday, about fifteen have not yet been claimed, and remain m the caM cf the police. The great idea in making up the fiving I column was that the relief of Mafeking should be attempted ohiefly by Ladysmith and bim- berley men. The daxology was fervently sung in nea: y all the chi. Special instructioisa ha. Majesty's gift. H- Hughes 1st Royal Welsh Fusiliers, as having now returned to duty, having been dkebiargad hospital.

V-ar putea interesa

Morgan, 2nd South Wales Borderers, is dangerously ill a. A Cardiff paper states on good authority thstf the Pembrokeshire Imperial Yeomanry are with General Bundle, operating in the Lady- brand and Senekal districts. Of this we have already given notification. A special Army Order issued on Tuesday evening notifies that the Queen haa accepted for service in South.

Airborne ForeFlight Scout, Airbus SAGITTA UAV, Privatization Fight | Aero-News Network

During the battle of Maretsani, Major Baden-Fowen, who waa in Mahon's force pro- ceeding to Mafeking, had his watch smashed, and Trooper France who has shot fourteen I Boers, was killed. This, about South. A number of people run away with the idea that all our soidiess have left the ooontry for I the front, but from POouth and Gosport alone twenty thousand soldiers will be re- viewed on lihuisday. AruJ this number even does not include the ttaviui brigades, wiixb I will aJso be present.

One officer who is liberated by the relief of Mafeking is Mr. W diaJn. Pechell, whose two elder sons were botu killed in the early part of the war. It will be remembered that the sad news of their dealhs w received by the family when residing at Singleton Abbey, I Swansea. The War Qffioe has jnst issued the following I return of case ties.