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  1. The New Frontier: Multidimensionality
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The New Frontier - multidimensionality.

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Full Colour PDF. On occasion the download function refuses to work on some computers - please contact me at cedarrivers y7mail. The unseen realms are teeming with Souls living their lives in the finer vibrational worlds of Spirit.

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Such contact is no longer only the domain of clairvoyants, clairsentients and some mystics, as it has been in the past. As the veils between dimensions continue to thin, more can see into the Spirit Worlds with their physical eyes, as well as with the spiritual third eye.

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  4. Spirit Orbs: My Constant Companions From the very beginning of photographing life in the Spirit Worlds, I found it curious that eight specific Orbs showed up in many of my photos. Humanity is in the midst of transforming, and a new unity consciousness is emerging. In future history this era may be viewed as an age of a monumental Spiritual Renaissance.

    The New Frontier: Multidimensionality

    The luminous humans are the midwives and wayshowers who are unveiling the mysteries of the new frontiers of our multidimensionality. As we remember and awaken to our many selves we become more of who we have always been in Spirit, and of the many possibilities of living a life in full potential. Watch your pets. Have you ever seen them utterly fascinated by something that you can't yet see? It appears that animals have multidimensional sight.

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    Point your camera or video camera to the area of their fascination. The personal clearings and subsequent awakenings have been radically accelerating for the past few decades and particularly since the Harmonic Convergence in August The time is perfect now to do a detailed personal reassessment and visioning for all the dreams you have ever held for yourself, your loved ones, and for the planet.

    It is enriched with wonder and magic, shedding light on what an extraordinary and valuable gift it is to be able to consciously experience multidimensionality.

    This fascinating journey inspired me to see the world from different perspectives, expanding my awareness of an awe-inspiring universe of new possibilities. I very much enjoyed this acknowledgement of the other world we live in. It is written beautifully and is supported with her extraordinary photographs of what she has seen and felt.

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    As you wander and wonder through the beautiful pages of insight, wisdom and inspiration, something that may have been dormant inside you may awaken. Cedar Rivers is a pioneer and wayshower in the personal development, spirituality and alternative frontiers in Australia. Value signals in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex and prediction errors in the striatum were similarly biased by attention.

    Multidimensional mapping of preference data

    Attentional switches across dimensions correlated with activity in a frontoparietal attention network, which showed enhanced connectivity with the ventromedial prefrontal cortex between switches. Our results suggest a bidirectional interaction between attention and learning: attention constrains learning to relevant dimensions of the environment, while we learn what to attend to via trial and error.

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